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She blushed a dark red as Jeanette's nimble hands rubbed over her body, shivering every time the green-eyed Chipette touched her rear, chest, and crotch. She couldn't tell anything was different with her three girls. Milf homemade handjob. Miller shouted from across the house. The chipettes naked. Alvin said well I think you are pretty and take no notice of that bitch.

Eleanor's heavy breasts heaved with her exertions. A month later and I noticed a spelling error. Her dark hair was covered in feathers, with clay intermixed. HotHamBoy Member Jun 4, Slamming open the door, she saw her sisters Eleanor and Brittany standing on a throw rug.

Front row of Alvin and the Chipmunks 3 is basically the new "behind theback near the dumpster where those cameras can't sees ya. Says the guy that took the time to open and read this thread. Really big nude boobs. The Samuel Goldwyn Company At this point, the fact that their chief is a man with saggy boobs is the least disturbing part.

She wiggled her toes, giggling at the wet sound that was made due to Brittany's sweet juice. Dai Banned Jun 4, Page 1 of 5 Next. Quickly she slid her wet finger into his asshole and began wiggling it. Her large puffy labia were visiblly swollen. The Chipettes, who are basically human girls with button noses, have been routinely sexualized in increasingly creepy ways. Ellie blushes as she put her foot by Britt's mouth. This disquieting notion is only made more uncomfortable by the fact that the filmmakers were adamant about continuously showing the little girls' underwear.

Miller announced to Dave and the boys that she was taking the girls on a vacation back to Australia for the season.

In their original design, the Chipettes looked more like little girls than chipmunks, and naked little girls would've been hard to get past any kind of sensor. The current cinematic landscape is bogged down by four installments of dead-eyed CGI rodents nasally ejaculating pop songs at an exasperated Jason Lee.

The author would like to thank you for your continued support. If you're wondering why the Chipmunks' adult guardian would let them go on a trip around the world to be mules for a pair of shifty strangers, the answer is he didn't. The sanitary napkins they had stuffed in their pants had kept their clothing clean and dry. Lesbian sex imgur. This thread is going places. In fact, all three Chipmunks act more mature in the Squeakquel.

Her long hair had been woven into long rows decorated with shells and feathers. Not only that, but there's a competition within the school itself between the boy band and an aspiring all-girl band who both want to compete at the event. Each girl carried a rough hewn wood spear, wore a string with shells around their waistlines and their swollen and slick pink pudendums stood out from their gray and brown body colors.

When chasing the kids like rapey diamond-crazed villains doesn't pan out, Chief Inspector Not-A-Mafia-Don phones in a favor from an 8-year-old Arabian prince.

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Barring some kind of Hannah Montana situation, we can probably assume Charlene is different Chipette -- but she's still roughly the same age as Alvin, and she's still dressed like Jessica goddamned Rabbit.

What's new New posts Latest activity. Holy smoke, Alvin thought. Three milfs one dick. Do you like us too? Then, at the end, he managed to get the girl anyway.

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For you purests I just found this. Explore Wikis Community Central. Alvin decided he would not be telling his brothers about the three girls he had met in the woods, and that he had fucked all three of them.

The chubby girl nodded, moaning softly as she grinded her vulva on Britt's. I don't think this is real, because if that'd been drawn in the early 80s the naked chipmunk would have a big ole bush.

Brittany sat sleeping in a corner, twigs and pine needles in her tangled hair. Follow us on Facebookand we'll follow you everywhere. To be fair, the Chipettes don't have the monopoly on sexual inappropriateness in this film. The chipettes naked. She could smell his male scent as he pissed fiercely into the grass.

He might have to worry about Ian Hawke, though. Nude girl with tiger. Says the guy that took the time to open and read this thread. Concentric patterns of clay encircled her body. Her small pink nipples were erect.

Music becomes popular very, very quickly, and if you upload something to any kind of public network, you can get everyone's attention with minimal effort Oh well, I remember where we saw them. Each of the girls had triplets, with each baby having a different father. Brittany heaved Alvin's hoodie over his little chipmunk head leaving Alvin naked.

Earthbound64 Banned Jun 4, Wetting her tongue with as much saliva she could gather, Brittany managed to get her entire muzzle inside Jean's hole, lapping at her inner walls. Brittany quickly covered her little sister's mouth. Www lesbian images com. It disturbs me that I like this version much less than the original.

Her swollen pubic mound made it hard to sit. Her hands and feet were covered in gray clay, like those of her sisters.

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